Paz Einat & Ofer Comay 50 Jubilee Tourney


The partners and judges of this tourney have met in their teens during some youth chess tourneys but have started their chess composition activity independently during these years. Our collaboration began in the World Chess Composition Congresses during the 1980’s. Although we sometimes compose together during “normal” times, this cannot be compared to the intensity during the congresses, especially when our good friend Gady Costeff is around to supply beer and ideas. Thus, this Jubilee Tourney also marks around 25 years of collaboration.

In both sections of this tourney we allowed for elements restricted in many tourneys. We believe that restrictions related to the active chess game (e.g. legality of position) or to other conventions (e.g. zero-position) are in principle artificial and restrict the expression of ideas.

Finally, we thank all the composers who sent their original problems to our jubilee.

Mate in 2 moves section        Helpmate in 3 moves section





Text Box: From right to left: 
Ofer and Paz receiving a medal and a book from Byron Zappas and Harry Fougiaxis (Eretria Congress, 2005)
Text Box: From right to left: 
Ofer, Paz, (Ram Sofer behind), Gady Costeff (Halkidiki Congress, 2004)